Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LA Times Festival of Books Wrap-Up

Who went to the LA Times Festival of Books?! I went on Sunday, and had SO MUCH FUN!

The day started off with a trip to Mrs. Nelson's Book and Toy Shop booth, where I bought:

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

and Legend by Marie Lu

Then, I had them sign their books and I got pictures taken with them. :)

Me and Marie Lu!

Me and Maureen Johnson!

Then I had lunch with my mom and we rushed over to the LA Times stage to get in line for Betty White's signing. And on our way there, we saw a wondrous site:

Judy Blume signing at Mrs. Nelson's Book booth!

I didn't get any books signed, but I was that close to her! Still cool, I think. And after an hour and a half of being 50-ish in line and waiting in the hot sun, we finally met Betty White!

Me and Betty White. She was so sweet!

I had so much fun and we bought a ton of other books for my niece and cousin. Namely, a few books from the Flippy series by John Mese, Dawn Kelsey, and Chanler Holden.

My niece can't get enough of this book.

And a couple of books by Scott Langteau. The illustrations are gorgeous, and the stories are so fun! When we got home, my niece made my mom read Sofa Boy to her twice in a row.

So, I would say, it was a VERY successful day. How did it go for others of you who went?