Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book Review: The Question by Scott Langteau

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Author: Scott Langteau
Illustrator: Lidat Truong
Publisher: Shake the Moon Books
Summary: (taken from flap of book cover)
After watching the snowstorm of the season blow into his neighborhood, a young boy wakes to find his room literally buried beneath a mountain of snow. 
Possibly stuck inside his house for the rest of winter, survival questions of every shape and size race through his mind -- including one that tugs at his thoughts to the very end of his adventure!

Overall Rating: 5/5

After reading Langteau's two books, I have to say that I am a huge fan. Just like Sofa Boy, The Question is a picture book that all children will love.

First, let's talk design. Dynamic, colorful illustrations enhance the story, making it really come to life. The pictures are detailed and textured so that they pop out at you. There are also vibrant colors which contrasts well with all the frosty snow scenes. Also, the words aren't written in one font and size. Some are emphasized and printed larger than others; some are a different font type altogether. This both makes the page more pleasing to look at, and helps the flow of the story by showing the reader which words to stress.

Next, the story. It's adorable. It's funny, adventurous, and has a little bit of seriousness mixed in with quite a bit of silliness. In short, The Question is everything children love about books. It's written as a series of questions, with the main character wondering what he will wake up to the next morning if it keeps snowing. The rhythm and flow is flawless. Lots of rhyming, alliteration, assonance, and consonance help to make the words musical when read aloud. Most importantly, kids will relate to this. They always have a lot of questions about the world around them and love to think about what-ifs. (I know many of you are familiar with the what-if game!) They will have an easy time following along and they will love reading about the main character's adventures in the snowstorm.

I highly recommend The Question. Langteau has another fantastic book to his name. I can only hope that he will write many more in the future.